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Morton System Saver II Pellets 
Morton System Saver
Morton System Saver

No one knows more about hard water and how to soften it than Morton Salt!
Morton System Saver II Pellets are made from a very high purity salt combined with the patented System Saver II formula to make your water softener work better.
System Saver II Pellets enable your water softener to remove almost twice as much dirt and impurities and up to 5% more minerals from your water than plain salt pellets. That helps keep your softener clean and problem free which can mean a big difference in the quality of your water!
Morton backs System Saver II Pellets with a total satisfaction guarantee.
Morton System Saver II Pellets are designed to:
Help soaps & detergents lather better
Help prevent hard water spots on faucets, dishes and tile
Help prevent scale build-up in water heaters and pipes
Help keep laundry and kitchen appliances stain free
With Morton System Saver II Pellets, your soft water solution is In the bag!
Look for it in our new, redesigned handy bag, it's easy to lift, carry, open and pour. The easy-open pull-tab opens just wide enough to allow salt to pour out easily, yet enables you to regulate the flow. And the sturdy handle makes it easy for you to carry.
Morton System Saver II Pellets are phosphate-free.
Available Sizes
25 lb., 40 lb., 50 lb., 80 lb. easy-open bag

Morton System Saver II Pellets are NSF certified. They also meet or exceed ANSI/AWWA B200 standard for sodium chloride.


Morton System Saver II Pellets contain a patented, water-soluble resin cleaning additive.

Weight: 40.00lb

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