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Turbocast 300™ Grit Spreader
TURBOCAST 300 broadcast spreads dry or wet grit/salt mixture to a width of between 3 and 7m. No matter how damp the gritting material is, TURBOCAST 300 can spread with minimum effort. It is user friendly with front and back rests which make it easy to manoeuvre up and down kerbs.

Designed with a balanced weight distribution, TURBOCAST 300 can easily be pushed along, even when fully laden. The front rest allows the unit to be emptied wheelbarrow fashion after use and the chassis has a special Armortec® coating for corrosion-resistance. A range of settings allows accurate controlled dosing ensuring economic spreading. The gritter can be disengaged for transportation between sites without losing any material.

Payment Methods:
Cheque, money order.

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