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EcoTraction is simply the easiest, safest and most cost-effective ice management solution on the market. A list of frequently asked questions is provided further below. In summary, here are some of the best reasons to 'Stick with Green'.
Safe for You, Your Family and Your Property

• Safe to touch or accidentally ingest by children, pets and wildlife
• Will not burn or damage grass or plants
• Will not corrode or damage brick, stone or uncured concrete
• Will not rust vehicles or metal landscaping elements
• Will not stain clothing or carpets

• Does not contain any carcinogenic silica dust like sand
• Contains no salt, chlorides, chemicals, or dyes
Naturally Benefits Our Environment
• Aerates soil through its porous ‘honeycomb’ structure
• Releases nutrients and minerals back to plants slowly
• Retains water in the soil medium longer reducing watering requirements
• Reduces lawn damage from dog urine as it neutralizes the ammonia before it burns the grass

• Absorbs and removes heavy metals from lakes, rivers and sewage
• Filters the air from noxious fumes and absorbs nuisance odors
• Even absorbs the residual white sodium staining caused by salt and ice smelters
User Friendly
• Highly-visible dark green color on ice and snow
• Resists freezing or clumping
• Dark green color accelerates ice melting by absorbing solar radiation
• Simply sweep EcoTraction onto your lawn and garden in the spring, or collect for re-use the following winter
• Or re-use for multiple other household applications
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Available Options: 5 lb, 10 lb, 22 lb, 2000 lb

Weight: 20.00kg

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